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Inspired by the love of family & BBQ

DR BBQ Sauce is a "Family Tradition"

Celebrating the Florida Craft BBQ Tradition

Welcome to Florida Craft BBQ, were passion meets flavor, and tradition meets innovation. Our Story is one of true Florida Roots, a deep love for BBQ and a dedication to crafting sauces and rubs that capture the essence of the Sunshine State.

Our Beginnings:

It started with my Dad who had a passion for BBQ and Grilling, he mainly cooked chicken and ribs, and everyone always asked him about his sauce which was his own family recipe. When I got married and had kids, I took over the family and neighborhood cookouts using my dad's sauce and again it was a hit. I took his original sauce and started making it my own signature sauce by tweaking his original recipe with some Florida inspired ingredients such as citrus and DR Smokehouse BBQ Sauce was created.

Taste of Sunshine:

Our taste is a harmonious blend of Florida's bounty. We infuse the brightness of pure orange juice, the sweetness of brown sugar, and the tantalizing tang of apple cider vinegar. These elements, combined with our unique blend of real spices, creates a truly unique and amazing sauce.

Versatility Meets Tradition: 

While our roots are firmly planted in the world of BBQ, our sauce is designed to be as versatile as your culinary imagination. Whether  you're marinating, glazing, dipping, or simply adding a finishing touch to your dishes, our sauce enhances and elevates every bite.

No Compromises: (Just look at the bottle you can see the difference)

At DR Smokehouse BBQ Sauce we make no compromises when it comes to quality. Every batch of sauce is crafted with care and real ingredients, no fillers or artificial enhancers in our sauce, Check out the labels on the most popular sauces on store shelfs. We are not looking to be the cheapest sauce but instead we want to be the best tasting High End Craft BBQ Sauce you have ever tasted.

Our Story


We got our start from my Dads Sauce which I modified and made it not only old school but with a uniquely Florida slant with citrus and other key ingredients.

I wanted to see if our BBQ and Sauce was really as good as everyone was telling us so we entered a BBQ Competition and not only won but also won the Peoples Choice Award. That convinced me and I started our BBQ Truck named of course DR Smokehouse BBQ 10 years ago. My Son Michael and his wife Kearstie came to me with an interest in financing and  working with me to bottle and sell my sauce, I agreed and Kierstie went to work setting up the company and getting everything in order to start selling our sauce. We are a  true family business.



Wellington Florida 33414



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